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Become a test passenger at DTU

Are you a regular visitor to DTU Campus in Lyngby? Maybe you’re a student, employee or someone else who frequently visits the campus? If so, we’d like to ask for your help. We’re looking for test passengers for our trial of three self-driving shuttles that will operate for six months in the south of the campus from summer 2020.

You probably know how important it is to get input for your research, work or your projects. That’s why we at the LINC project are asking for your help in developing the future of sustainable public transport. LINC will explore how passengers perceive and adapt to self-driving shuttles, how they can become part of our cities and how we ensure an operation that suits the needs of passengers.

Into the future – slowly  – and with a steward by your side

As a test passenger you will get to try out the transport of the future. Because it’s a test, the self-driving shuttles will only be allowed to drive a maximum of 15 kilometers per hour. Therefore, your experience will not be a fast track to future. But your help as a test passenger will be invaluable in understanding the technology and integrating it in the cities of the future – and you will have access to free public transport.

To get permission to operate the self-driving shuttles among cars, cyclists and pedestrians at the DTU Campus, we are required to have a steward on board. The steward does not drive the shuttle, but they can take over the steering with a joystick if an unforeseen situation requires it.

Small requirements, big benefits

There are no special requirements for our test passengers, but it is an advantage if you regularly come to DTU. We ask all test passengers who sign up to:

  • download the LINC app. It gives you information about the shuttle, while giving us anonymous information about your rides on the shuttle and your journey (the app will be ready in the spring of 2020)
  • ride the shuttle a couple of times each week during the six-month test
  • respond to 5-6 questionnaires via the app during the six-month period

During the test period you will also be able to participate in:

  • competitions
  • lotteries

In addition, you will get an insight into the anonymized results of the test, and – of course – free travel around the DTU campus. Check out the routes at DTU here.

Do you want to help develop the self-driving future? Please visit our Facebook page and show that you are interested in participating as a test passenger by clicking ’Interested’ on our ‘Become a test passenger’ event page. Later on, when we’re ready to receive signups, we’ll send you a link and a request to download the app.

We cannot yet say exactly when you will be able to hop on a shuttle at DTU Campus, as it depends on the permission of the Danish Road Directorate. But we will keep you updated.

In these pages you can read more about the test at DTU. You can also find out more in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).