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Why we’re testing at DTU

The test of self-driving shuttles at DTU Campus Lyngby is part of the LINC project, where we’re exploring how citizens will adapt and perceive the new technology and how it can be implemented in our cities. The test area at DTU Campus gives us a unique insight into how self-driving shuttles can become an integrated part of our cities and contribute positively to the public transport of the future.

DTU Campus Lyngby is located in the area along the Ring 3 motorway, where the Ring 3 Light Rail is currently being built, due for completion in 2025. The vision for LINC is to gather knowledge about how the self-driving shuttles work with cars, cyclists and pedestrians, and how they can complement the future Light Rail in the Capital Region, and public transport as a whole, by helping passengers reach the final destination on their journey. This way, self-driving shuttles may in the future help increase the number of passengers to the Light Rail and help make it a good alternative to other modes of transport in the area.

At DTU Campus Lyngby, there will be two Light Rail stations at Akademivej Vest and Rævehøjvej. The vision is that when you hop off the Light Rail at DTU, you will be able to get into a self-driving shuttle that can drive you closer to your destination, whether that is DTU Skylab, EV Lab, Netto or a completely different place on campus.

The knowledge we collect in the project will be shared with the 11 municipalities behind the Light Rail, together with the Capital Region.

Read more about LINC and the visions for the future of public transport here.

Illustration: The Greater Copenhagen Light Rail