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LINC is the largest test of autonomous shuttles in Denmark

The shuttles will be tested in two natural urban environments – the DTU Campus in Lyngby and Hersted Industrial Park in Albertslund – where citizens who use the areas every day can become test passengers. It is not yet possible to sign up as a test passenger.

LINC is testing the buses to gain insight into what citizens think about the self-driving shuttles and how this new mode of autonomous collective mobility can become part of a sustainable urban environment and public transport in the future.

LINC’s vision is that autonomous shuttles become part of the shared mobility services available to citizens when they arrive at one of the 29 light rail stations currently being built along Ring 3 in LOOP CITY.

LINC – the next years


The project is organized and test passengers recruited


Autonomous shuttles are tested at DTU Campus in Lyngby


Autonomous shuttles are tested at Hersted Industrial Park in Albertslund

“The light rail and the driverless buses will, in general, help ensure that we also have smart, green and flexible ways to transport us collectively in the future.

The upcoming light rail is a decisive step, but the autonomous shuttles can create better connections when the light rail is finished and thus ensure that even more people will choose green and collective transport.”

Steen Christiansen, Mayor, City of Albertslund

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